Carpet Cleaning



Our Process of Carpet Cleaning

 We come to your home or business and vacuum if necessary with a special power head (this removes up to 75% of the non soluable grit particles)

We then pre-spray the heavily soiled areas with a specially formulated hot alkaline liquid that helps to begin to lift the dirt from those areas and to dissolve stains.

After allowing dwell time, we use our van mounted carpet cleaning machine to remove the dirt and stains. The machine heats its own water to 90 degrees celcius and injects it at high pressure into the carpet and then vacuums it out, leaving your carpet fresh, clean, and smelling great. (As part of the process we introduce a deodorising product to your carpet)

We always make suggestions about care and maintenance of your carpet and rugs and are happy to come back at no charge if things are not to your satisfaction. 

Here is a Sample of the Top 5 Questions our Customers ask us

1. How long after you clean the Carpet can we walk on it?
Answer. As we use steam (90 degrees c) drying time can be very quick as the carpet is only left damp 1-2 hours. But this can vary a bit with temperature and outside moisture.

2. Will my stains come out?
Answer. With the system we use a lot of stains do come out in normal carpet cleaning, however this often depends upon the type of stain, and/or the length of time that it has been there and what the householder has tried to do to remove them.

3. Do I have to shift all my furniture?
Answer. We would ask you to remove all your small things that are easily put away. We will move things like lounge suites and table and chairs. Most clients do not want us to shift, tvs and computer cables or large wall units, but we are happy to discuss each individual situation.

4. How long does the job take?
Answer. An average size 3 bedroom home takes between 1 to 1 1/2 hours depending on stains, stairs, furniture to shift etc.

5. Once my carpet is looking great, how often should I get it cleaned by Debra's?
Answer. It is recommended by most authorities that your carpet will benefit from cleaning every 12-18 months depending on condition and traffic.



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